Tips & Tricks for Android Developers

Alert for inexperienced Android application developers I am here to share some useful tips and tricks; you will absolutely have noticed that there are innumerable applications on the Google Play store. Several applications are flooded with downloads and great reviews, while others suffer from lack of attention, and few downloads. Today, we will be covering several informative tips that you can follow. Let’s get started,






Can Apple Improve Its Watch And Boost Sales

Apple Inc. isn’t releasing exact sales numbers, but few expert digging has led several to believe that sales of an Apple Watch have not touched the expectations since its introduced in 2015. The company’s annual filing proposed it sold $1.7 billion(approx) worth in fiscal 2015, but as compared with the iPhone, which sold $32.2 billion(approx) in the last quarter alone. That is a major discrepancy for a company that is used to seeing lines around the block for new product releases.