Will Microsoft acquire the Mobile App Development Startup Xamarin?

Mobile application development is one of the booming industry at this time. Companies are rivalling each other with engaging apps and operating systems. Microsoft Windows 8 was designed while keeping in mind the app markets. According to a press release, customers spent over $10 billion on the App Store in the year 2013. App Store customers downloaded almost three billion apps in December making it the most successful month in App Store history.

These staggering figures can force any tech company to think all the possibilities with the app market, let alone Microsoft. Windows 8 is relatively new to the market as compared to its rival Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. That is why there is a huge difference between the number of apps in each app store. Microsoft has taken several steps to fill this gap, yet there is a lot of ground to cover. In the past, we have seen Microsoft’s attempt to lure developers towards app development for windows. This year’s Build Conference also intend to focus on the mobile app development issues for a whole day.


Build Conference 2014 (Image Source: Computer World)

 On the other hand, Microsoft is thinking about acquiring startups with a potential to develop killer mobile apps. We have come across the news that Microsoft is in talks with Xamarin, a mobile app development company, which showed great potentials. Xamarin is a mobile startup that has shown that we can code iOS & Android apps through Microsoft development tools.


Xamarin (Image Source: Xamarin Guide)

As we have learnt that Microsoft will be holding Build Conference in the next month, if they finalize the deal with Xamarin before that, it will send a powerful message to all the participating developers that Microsoft is on a totally different path under the new CEO Satya Nadella.

We have no final words on the deal right now, however we strongly believe that Microsoft will either acquire the company or will invest heavily in Xamarin for its future mobile app development skills.


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