iPhone Developer Reveals The Reason Behind The Quick Battery Drainage

According to the findings of an iPhone developer, it is the Facebook app which drains your battery life. The iPhone developer found that during the test he conducted on his iPhone through running an app “Instruments” from Xcode.

Instruments works as an activity monitor for your iPhone, allowing iPhone developers Apple’s developer to closely monitor every process running on the iPhone and how much memory and processing power each app is consuming.


Instruments (Image Source: Mac Developer Library)

With all the features Facebook app has to offer from Location Services to Background App Refresh, means that your Facebook app continuously uses your iPhone battery. The Facebook app fluctuates between active and inactive states throughout the day.

As the iPhone developer found during his test that Facebook kept jumping from one process to another process even though it is not in the use. The most time the app jumped to a process was Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook.

With the new addition of WhatsApp in its arsenal, Facebook has more to offer while you communicate with the people. Facebook’s attempt to become world’s biggest communication platform means that it wants you to use it as the first choice to communicate. This task required a continuous effort to engage you and your phone. Ultimately, your iPhone battery has to pay the price.

There is no sign that Facebook is interested to improve your battery life. Therefore, till then turning the Location Services and Background App Refresh is the only viable solution to prevent battery drainage.


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