How To Find The Best iPhone App Developer?

So, you have decided to finally get an iPhone app for your business or brand, but you don’t know where to get it done. Finding the best iPhone app developer, is a very tricky quest. It requires a lot of research, background checks, portfolio analysis, recommendations and testimonial verification and obviously negotiating the right price. It becomes further slippery, if you are not tech savvy or in a worse case scenario, knows nothing about iPhone app development at all. You sir, have got my sympathies. So, I would like to give you some basic guidelines, which may help you find the best iPhone app developer.

The first and foremost question you may want to ask yourself is, is it a one time job or do you want to keep the app updated as per the trends & updates. It is important because if you want to make sales through the app, then you may need to update it on a regular basis, which means you may need require app development to update & upgrade your app from time to time. On the contrary, if you are looking only for a brand presence on mobile platforms, then it is a totally different thing.

Once you are settled with the debate of longevity of the app, your next probable step should be to ask yourself, will I be catering iPad users too? If yes, then the cost may increase as both (iPhone and iPad development) are bit different and requires a different approach.

So, you have decided about your app’s longevity and users. Now you are looking for a person to start doing the development for you. If you have selected “only brand presence” and “only for iPhone” against the above mentioned questions, I would highly recommend you to hire a freelance app developer or an indie app developer. The best places to find an indie developer is LinkedIn, Elance, Odesk, and Craiglist (yeah, you read that right). Once you got yourself a list of freelance app developers you need to contact them and ask them following things:

  • A list of apps they have built so far. Of course you want to see how many apps they have already built, and how they look and work?
  • Do they possess Cocoa Development Skills Cocoa means the developer has already been developing things for Mac. It also implies that they are good at handling web APIs. Moreover, it means they are seasoned campaigners, you may want to have them.
  • Location, attitude, and mode of communication. You may not necessarily need to find a local developer. However, it is very good for small projects. Professional attitude towards work and mode of communications also matters you are about to hire a freelance developer.
  • User Interface, design, price, and timeline. These factors are very crucial for your app as you may have a limited budget, a tight deadline, and a specific design in your mind for your app. Discuss these factors clearly with the app developer.

These are some basic guidelines you may want to review, when you are hiring a freelance app developer. But what if your project demands a much professional approach and you are looking for the best iPhone app development company?

No worries, as you don’t need to do much looking for it. The process may remain the same as hiring the freelance developer, but with much smoother communication, and more professional approach towards your project.

A couple of things you may want to look into your potential iPhone app development company are:

  • Better Business Bureau Ratings. Yep, you don’t want to deal with a crook company with worse ratings. A quick little search may result in some very good insights.
  • The clients they have served and testimonials. Big names do not necessarily mean a successful project. You need to experience the couple of apps they have built and ask people for recommendations for a particular company on different online forums and social media.
  • Location, Pricing and Timeline. It is as same as hiring a freelance developer, only this time you will need to sign a contract and some advance payments.

So, you have got some idea about what to look for when hiring an iPhone app developer. I hope this post has helped you in the best way. Don’t forget to share it within your social circle and add some value to this article by sharing your thoughts and ideas in the comments.


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