A Custom Website Developer Is A Rare Breed

For long I have been wondering over the dilemma of hiring a web developer or a company which offers custom website development. There are pros and cons attached to both scenarios. The worst case scenario may leave you with no money and no website. On the other hand, you may get what you want with some small hiccups.

 Getting a custom website developer is not an easy job by any means. You need to consider a lot of things while hiring a website developer who can customize your business’ website with your corporate identity.

Image 1

The best examples of this would be NFL, Coca Cola, and Cadillac. They hire online digital agencies for their online presence. You can understand why big companies do not bother to build a team of website developers to maintain their online presence. Such companies lack the technological background and avoid falling into it by hiring services from companies that offer custom website development. In other cases we have witnessed companies like Walmart, Amazon, and Ebay to build a reputation around their own built websites and e-commerce stores.

 Like I said, both things have their pros and cons, each business and brand needs to focus what they need and how they need it. There is no shortage of good resources on both fronts. Small and medium businesses can choose any one of these approaches to get a custom website.


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