How much does it cost to develop an iPad app?

It is not difficult to find the top iPad app development company for an iPad app development, the problem is to find the best iPad application developers in the right price. The question of pricing has always been a mystery to businesses and brands.

There is no doubt that the answer may vary from project to project due to some specific details. However, there are some general insights which we may find common in every best iPad app developers’ work practices.

What are the steps involved in calculating the cost of developing an iPad app?

After researching a lot, we have identified three major steps in the iPad app development process which every iPad app maker follows. These three steps are vital to the success of the iPad app project. These steps are Discovery, Design and Development. Let’s have a look into each one of these steps and try to calculate what each step may cost.


The first type of budget any top iPad app development company may allocate is towards the identification of the problem. The problem that your iPad app will solve. This is the most important part of any software project and has to be done by a team of experts from both your organization and someone like ourselves. The elements of this step include:

  • Identifying the Use Case
  • Identifying the User
  • How can we improve the User’s experience in what they do?
  • How does this impact your business?
  • Quantify the business case
  • Establish (ideally) one goal or two goals which HAVE to be achieved
  • Understand what is not part of the solution – anything which is not explicitly part of the solution is not part of the solution!
  • Create visuals of the proposed solution (wire frames, mock ups)

With a team of best iPad application developers this step will only take a couple of weeks. This step may cost you around $10k to $20k.


The next logical step in iPad application development process is to design the app. Once you have identified the purpose of the app, you try to create a user experience that would help users in the most simplest way. Best iPad application developers use top UX and UI designers to develop an experience that would win them more users. Apps are supposed to be so simple that a four year old could use it, while managing all the complexities of a business need. If the company working with you on your project can show an intuitive and simple app to a complex problem then that is a very good sign.

The amount of money to be spent in this phase depends on the complexity of what is being turned into an easy to use app and the number of screens which need to be designed. The estimate cost of this step is around $10k to $20k.


Developing apps for iPad is a bit different from developing apps for other platforms, that is why you need to precisely hire iPad app developers. As long as the company you hire has great developers this is fairly straightforward. App development for iPad is a challenging process with a lot of potential, you can overcome those challenges by hiring the best iPad application developers. The cost of development is around $20k to $100k.

Wrap Up

So, we have discussed a few things for iPad app development. The average budget of an iPad app development is around $40k. However, it may end up to around $200k if you have a complex business need.


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