Top 3 iPad app your business may help your business to grow exponentially.

Modern day businesses are using smartphone apps for improving work processes and systems. Tablets has changed it a lot, iPad and Android based tablets has helped business to move up a ladder in terms of working from anywhere. If the screens on smartphone were too small and laptops were too bulky to carry around, the iPads filled that gap and offered a wonderful opportunity to work while on the move. iPad for business has become an essential part of the office environments.

This situation dictates a need, a need of apps for iPad. iPad is very different from the iPhone as one can see and observe. A larger screen size and resolution means that a special attention to the iPad application development process is required. World’s top iPad app development companies works with different approaches with world’s best iPad application developers to produce a totally different user experience when it comes to iPad apps.

Developing apps for iPad requires special adjustments in terms of user interface and user experience as the screen size and resolutions changes a lot of things. Best iPad application developers works closely with UX and UI designers to create an iPad app for business that gives exceptional control on work processes and help improving work systems.

The successful phenomenon of iPad for business means that world’s top iPad app development companies will have to keep coming up with new iPad apps. So far, these iPad app builders have done a great job in this regard. Following are top 3 iPad apps that will help a small scale business work efficiently and smartly.

Square Register
Square Register is credit card processing app which gives you complete control over your point of sale transactions. All you need is an iPad and an account with Square Register. The rest is simple and seamless transactions without any hassle. The app accepts all kinds of credit and debit cards along with payments from customer who holds Square Wallet. There are no subscription fees or any hidden charges. The company charges only a 2.75% per transaction or swipe. The app also offers an inventory management system without any additional cost. You can use that, it is an easy and simple.

1Image Credits (imore)

There are a lot of social media apps that combine your social media accounts in one place and let you manage them accordingly. Buffer is one of the social media handling apps that keeps all your social media needs in one place. You can queue up posts for later, view statistics on links you’ve posted, and a lot more. Buffer supports Facebook, Twitter,, and more. The interesting thing is that it is free up to five social media accounts, which pretty much solves basic needs of a small business’s social media accounts.

2Image Credits (imore)

Dropbox is world’s leading cloud storage service and it is widely used in modern day office for online collaborations. It allows almost any app you may use now or in future, it is that convenient and accessible. If your employees needs to access same file at the same time through different platforms and apps, there is no other cloud storage service as good as Dropbox.

3Image Credits (imore)

Wrap Up
Overall, these apps are a wonderful addition to the existing iPad apps. However, there is always room for improvements. I hope world’s top iPad application development companies will keep coming up with new exciting app ideas that will help businesses and companies grow exponentially.


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