Apple’s list of the best iPhone and iPad apps of the year

Every iPhone app development company takes great pride whenever any portal or website honor their app as best app of the month. Imagine what how would an iPhone app development company would react if Apple declares their iPhone or iPad app as the best app of the year. Well, this happens every year. Apple’s list of the best iPhone and iPad apps of the year is here. Apple has officially released the names of “Best iPhone App of 2014.” Each year company handpick the best app for the buzz and the impact it has created in the app world.

Each year Apple analyze a list of the apps developed by top app developers for the iPhone and rank them as per their impact and reach. It is a lifelong dream of every iPhone application developer to be on that list, let alone to top that list. Well, this year a brain training app has topped that list and we are about to share a couple of more apps for that list of the best iPhone and iPad apps of the year from different iPhone application developers across the globe.

Top 2 iPhone Apps of the Year

  1. Elevate: Brain-development app that works on building focus, and cognitive skills.
  2. Hyperlapse by Instagram: Hyperlape is an app by Instagram which really innovates the way we record videos. By using your mobile phone’s camera now you can record time-lapse videos. Although the technology was introduced in Apple’s most-recent software update, iOS 8, it still was a smash hit at the App Store.

Top 2 iPhone Games of the Year

    1. Threes: Many people raised their brows when they see a puzzle game winning the best game of the year title. However, ‘Threes’ is an outstanding puzzle game that lets users to pass-time painlessly.
  • Leo’s Fortune: The game rises to prominence quickly as people realize its beautiful graphics and impressive visuals. It is truly an addictive game and deserves to top the list.

Top 2 iPad Apps of the Year

  1. Pixelmator: A photo editing app that featured at the launch of iPad Air 2. It is an awesome app yet it is capable of doing things pretty fast.
  2. Storehouse: An app that is marked as “Storytelling app”. A simple an intuitive app that maintain its reputation with regular updates.

Top 2 iPad Games of the Year

  1. Monument Valley: Another excellent puzzle platform game, it’s challenging, time consuming, yet it doesn’t frustrate you like Flappy Bird.
  2. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft: Another game from the iPhone app development company that developed the World of Warcraft. An awesome game to have in your iPad as it mesmerizes you with its beautiful graphics and kick ass gameplay.

Wrap Up

As I have said in the beginning, it is a great honor to be ranked as one of the best iPhone app development companies in the world, it matters more when it comes from the founding fathers of the iPhone apps.


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