The role of online digital agencies in social media advertising and promotion

Modern day advertising and marketing has changed a lot, if we compare it last decade’s advertising and marketing. A lot of things have added up in the recent years, including the trend of buying things online and influencing customers through different social media platforms.

Advertising agencies have changed their approach as well, they have turned to digital arena with a new zeal and enthusiasm. Modern day online digital agencies have found reliable partners in form of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Digital branding agencies use these platforms to advertise and engage users through different tactics.

The job of an interactive digital agency requires to build a reputation around a product, service or a business. In order to achieve that, digital media agency has to utilize the best platform and channel at their disposal. For example, a brand development agency needs to project a clothing company on social media platforms. The important question for the creative digital agency is to which platform should they use to project clothing company’s products?
To answer that question, the online digital agency will need to analyze target audience, target audience’s age group, interaction and engagement ratio of that age group on each social media platform, advertising options available for each social media platform, form of content that will be posted on the selected social media platforms and allocate a budget for a set duration of time.

The job is not finished yet, after finalizing these details online digital agency will have to create a social media promotion and advertising plan and then execute it accordingly.

During the plan, they have to analyze the data coming through their chosen digital attribution model for their advertising and promotion campaign. They will study different social media metrics and make changes to their plan as per the readings.

Social media marketing and advertising is a continuous process as brands can’t compromise the engagement and interaction factor, which plays a vital role in conversions.


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