How Apple Watch apps will impact even the best iPhone app developers

All those indie developers who used to love to develop an iPhone app are now rushing towards Apple Watch app development. Even the best iPhone app developers in the world are either enthusiastically chasing Apple Watch app development or postponing app development for iPhone.

This is not an easy scenario for even the best iPhone app builders as they will have to train their Apple iOS app development teams to unlearn what they have learned while building apps for iPad and the relatively large screen iPhone. The best iPhone app designers will be turning their focus on the smaller screen size of the Apple Watch, while best iPhone app developers will be pondering over the question of selecting which feature and functions to be added in the Apple Watch apps.

The app development for iPhone was not easy by any means, but the best iPhone app developers used to handle that easily by following standard Apple iOS app development processes. However, they have to approach the Apple Watch app development with a different approach. They may even have to launch and deploy minimum viable products (MVP) in the beginning. This means an apple watch app with minimum features and functions. This may slow down the growth of the Apple Watch app industry, but during this period best iPhone app developers will innovate ways to develop better Apple Watch apps.

According to the predictions, the Apple Watch app industry is the next billion dollar market, which will attract a lot of best iPhone app developers to build apps for the Apple Watch. The short app development time-frame and the choice of adding only a few functions into the apps will make it a really lucrative app market for best iPhone app builders.

Due to the health related features of the Apple Watch, a lot of health related brands will be interested in developing apps for Apple Watch. We may see brands building apps for the Apple Watch that doesn’t even those brands who never had an iPhone app before.

Overall, Apple’s App Store is pretty much a saturated app market, however, it is still the first choice of app developer because of its reach and monetization. The launch of the Apple Watch and its app market will only further ignite the interest of people, app developers and brands build quality apps for the Apple Watch.


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