Mobile advertising and US digital agencies

The modern day digital agencies are thriving on a stable and lucrative industry. The digital advertising industry is a more or less a $20 billion gold post globally. One of the reasons is the technological advancements.

People are consuming a lot of digital content these days, it ranges from website, mobile app, and social media platforms. Thus, apart from the traditional platforms, a US digital agency needs to serve a lot of other platforms. These services have expanded significantly, this includes design and development website, mobile apps, and social media apps.

A modern day consumer consumes web and social media content through a mobile device. That is why it is so important for brands, businesses and digital agencies in the US to target mobile devices for advertising and marketing.

Promotional and advertising content on mobile devices have produced some awesome results over the last couple of years. According to a report, the mobile advertising platform is on a hike, more than the traditional advertising platforms like TV, Radio and Print.

Another reason for businesses and brands to consider mobile advertising and marketing, is last year’s Cyber Monday statistics. According to IBM’s Cyber Monday report, the traffic from mobile devices was 41.2% of the total online traffic.

A US digital agency can really relate to people’s buying behavior while shopping online. That is why they have fixated their efforts on more mobile based advertising and marketing campaigns. A mobile based marketing campaign these days can include a gaming, utility or entertainment app that engages users in useful activities more than anything else.

Digital agencies in California are quite keen to use these types of storytelling to start the conversation with their clients’ target audience. Any digital marketing agency in California focusing on why mobile should matter to them and deserve greater consideration in their ad budgets is planning to win big time.

However, it is up to a US digital agency’s client to decide about including mobile advertising in their marketing and advertising efforts. We have to see a lot of before experimentation in the near future with mobile advertising and marketing. It is fine, but eventually everyone would like to see some sound data and measurement that could help proving its ability to move the needle for the digital agencies.


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