3 tools to help any young developer in an iPhone app development firm

The iPhone has flipped around our reality. With the help of applications it has changed our way of doing things. iPhone can practically do everything for us. With these progressions in social front, there is likewise an enormous change in business approach also. Business and brands are looking to create iPhone applications to connect with their fans and users. This has made a huge wave in the iPhone application development companies as well. On a daily basis, more than 800 applications are submitted to the App Store every day. More than 50% of  these applications are designed and developed by small iPhone app development firms or by a medium sized iPhone app development companies.

There is a great deal of help available on the web for young people working in iPhone app development firms. Normally, iPhone app development companies offer a lot of assistance to young developers to learn the art of iPhone app development. Yet, there are times when they have to look out for help. As a junior developer in an iPhone app development company, I have enlisted a couple of useful tools recommended by almost everyone within my iPhone app development firm. Trust you may think that it accommodating.

App Press

This instrument has a visual interface and obliges less coding. It is inspired by modern day WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) style development environment. Many iPhone application development companies use this tool to accumulate screens from the visual matter with the utilization of layers. Any iPhone app development firm looking for an affordable solution, should try this tool as its cost depends upon the utilization, which runs from $30 to $460 every month.

Intel XDK

Intel XDK was at first designed as a chrome extension, but it soon surpassed the expectations. Any iPhone application development company looking for a tool to merge editor and simulator together, then they should try this tool. Intel XDK combines editor and simulator together, so young developers in any iPhone application development firm can test their projects in the web browser.


If an iPhone app development firm needs a database for their iPhone application, including a back-end service, they utilize QuickBase. It is a famous online platform for mobile-web and web database applications. QuickBase is a wonderful tool for young developers in any iPhone application development company because it offers more than 300 customizable layouts. The cost of this effective tool is $299 every month.

All of the above mentioned tools are significantly used by many small scale iPhone application development firms and some large iPhone application development companies. Due to their pricing module these tools are also very handy for small and medium sized iPhone application development companies.


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